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Why you website is your marketing hub and understanding it


Are you looking for effective ways to utilize digital marketing better? Are you looking for a comprehensive approach or just more inspiration in this area? Then you have come to the right place. This “onepage-paper” is an appetizer just about that, what drives digital marketing right now, the trend and the tech stuff condensed to a “one pager” based on solid research*.

Your website is your marketing hub, this is the understanding major frontrunners in digital marketing arrive at.  After being dazzled by all the new kids in town, from a rising number of social media, mobile solutions)  to apps and online marketing tools –with no real strategic coherence, the trend now is to work with a holistic approach or strategy, called Inbound. argumenta is dedicated to this philosophy because it is what what can be measured and where we are most competent: Building strong digital strategies and solutions for our clients.

Your website is your hub. You make sure, you optimize everything to eventually land a visitor (who is a real person, not a “click”)  one place with one purpose : conversion Major US based and recent reports indicate, that your website is the best place to direct traffic to get conversion. And with no conversion online, these days you have few other interesting options to attract new leads, prospects and clients. Some of the biggest B2C companies in this world also have the largest budgets online, attracting new leads, special target groups, younger generations; stressing the point it so vital to understand, plan and execute. It may sound simplistic, but if it were easy, more companies would answer in surveys they are good at it, since the vast majority admit this is what it is about. Your website is the crux, the hub, your marketing effort must revolve around it.


The mantra is “conversion”

Why on earth invest in online marketing, if not to get a response from your visitors, once they after so much courtship have finally arrived there? Response is “conversion”, not yet a 100 % scientifically well-defined term, but it is covered with “obtaining the desired reaction from your visitors depending on a number of  factors like markets (btb or btc) and size of business, purpose of the site etc”. Conversion is always a measurable action from your visitors at your site: buying is one, signing up to mails, accepting at test, downloading a report, signing up for a club, etc. may all be desired  “conversions”.   That is the beauty of it, you can do A/B tests and you learn something fast.  This is what we want to focus on measurable results building a better business for our clients.

Value proposition is back

Research shows that digital marketing with a well-defined value proposition fares much better than trying to do a number of things at the same time with the best intention, either to see what works or trying to tell the whole story at once.  Stay focused: What do we deliver to whom better than others and what do we want our visitors to learn and to do?

Knowledge is Key

Most work on the internet is based on intuition, hear-say and pure trial and error without a structured approach and without solid research to back up what you do, or why and how you test what you test. If you do test at all.  If there is valuable knowledge out there, and people who know how to turn it into profit faster and better, why do your own basement experiments? We are playing an expert´s field these days; it is no longer pure pioneering and happy intuition.

Alignment is the prerequisite

According to research a great deal of companies are not aligning their marketing efforts accordingly, they lack single purpose focus, and alignment is also aligning the organization, people, outside agencies, media. And most of all perhaps offline with online: brand-perception and identity ? Do you have the same relevant messages and goals, look and design? This is a little like wanting to climb a major mountain: all preparation must focus on this specific goal. Desired Conversion.

Partnership makes the difference

You are in for the long haul here.  Whatever you do will have profound impact on your web presence and it will take some time before you can reap the fruits. So find a partner for the ride, who really has a track record in the field, who have a matching approach and for whom making a success with you is crucial to them.

Argumenta is that partner with a thirst for innovation and the competence to help you reach your goals.