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Do old and new media strengthen each other?

All relevant research shows, that social media are becoming more and more effective, when it comes to reaching specific target groups, locally, by country, regionally or globally. Imaginatively done, the effects can put a smile on your face.
Where does that leave “old media” ? Well, TV, radio and out-doors are definitely not becoming obsolete. And the good news is, they work better together than alone for the same budget, or you get an extra effect, you would otherwise not obtain. You get that 2+2=5 synergetic effect, when your media planning includes old and new, executed “cleverly”.
But “old” is also evolving rapidly including new interactive possibilities. Argumenta did a campaign for Samsung Denmark a few years back in Copenhagen Airport at the most busy gates, adding interactive concepts to touchscreen technology for the newest Samsung big screens with the objective to launch a new series of PCs and tablets in an international environment. Suddenly out-door was producing leads directly! You add social media to this and you got a winner.
Or for Diesel having young people sending MMS directly to facebook illustrating the campaign theme famously named “Be stupid” by Diesel’s then lead agency in New York. The many, many fun and touching MMS also simultanously reached big screens in the city of Copenhagen for PR purposes and we “broadcasted” to all Diesel stores live as well. We actually added a award winning social media angle to an already brilliant campaign.
This is, what we advocate finding a concept or component, that makes old and new media work better together, a comprehensive marketing approach mixing new and old adding the magic “inventive factor”.

And effect? DonĀ“t take our word for the effect, take facebook’s:

“The Volvo V40 campaign ran from mid-June through August 2012. Brand insight agency Northstar measured the campaign effects in each of the markets to understand, how effectively the media targeting performed, and concluded that:
Facebook provided a 17% incremental audience over TV advertising across the 3 markets: 28% in the UK, 49% in the Netherlands and 12% in Sweden.

Consideration of the Volvo V40 showed media multiplier effects as follows:
6% increase due to Facebook exposure
7% increase due to TV exposure
13% increase in when Facebook and TV were combined.”

Voila there you have a good example. Talk to argumenta and our media partners for a better campaign not leaving out any option and using those we identify together. Old or new media. Only new ideas.